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"Oh, what a voice does Julia Suriano who plays Dorothy have? As she opens the play with "Over the Rainbow" she should have been covered with bees as her voice was as sweet as honey. Suriano a resident of New York has appeared in WEST SIDE STORY at Fireside Theatre, SHOW BOAT at Interlakes Theatre, and MY FAIR LADY also at Interlakes Theatre among others."

"Thankfully, the shining light of this production (who I could always hear) is the incomparable Julia Suriano who, as mentioned earlier, portrays Maria. From the moment she came on stage she was delightful to watch and when she started singing her well trained, Soprano voice was chillingly beautiful. Her performance of “I feel pretty” put a smile on the face of everyone in the audience. The strength and emotion she brought to “A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love” was perfection. And not long after that, we watched with tear filled eyes, her devastating heartbreak in the “Finale” as she reprimanded both gangs for what their hatred had destroyed. Julia Suriano’s portrayal of Maria is not to be missed as she is hands down one of the best vocalists Interlakes Theatre has ever had."

"Julia Suriano as Maria exudes the sweet naiveté expected of her character. Bereft of any wrongdoing in the action of the show, she clings to her Tony (Herb Porter). Maria and Anita are the characters audiences ache for - the ones with the deepest pain and the inability to sway the decisions of the men they love. Suriano and Rosario's connection to one another brings empathy into the production. With the pastel costumes and upbeat dance numbers, the moments of heartbreak hit even harder thanks to these two."

"She had a lovely bond with granddaughter Fredrika, portrayed by petite Julia Suriano who was able to express all the ambivalence of the child of a too-busy mother of whom she is quite proud but by whom she feels somewhat neglected."

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